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Thomond Village Management Company Limited (TVMCL) Terms & Conditions

TVMCL Terms & Conditions
1. Applications are processed on a strictly “first come, first served” basis.
2. A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of the booking fee.
3. TVMCL or agents of TVMCL reserves the right to decline an application.
4. The Licensee shall occupy the Premises on foot of a signed License agreement on a non-exclusive basis.
5. Any rights the applicant might have do not attach to any particular room or space; rather TVMCL or agents of TVMCL retains the discretion to change the room that has been allocated to the Applicant at any time.
6. The Licensee recognizes that the license agreement does not confer on the Licensee any exclusive right of possession of the Premises or the Apartment, or any right of possession at all therein save to the extent necessary for the purposes of the License agreement.
7. TVMCL or agents of TVMCL reserve the right to enter the premises at any time at its discretion, without notice and without the consent of the Applicant, in order to inspect the premises.
8. Applications are accepted for the entire occupancy period as noted on booking form. Any student who accepts an allocation in our accommodation and for whatever reason subsequently cancels/vacates their allocation will lose full amount of monies paid, no refunds for cancellations.
9. Not all preferences are guaranteed i.e. location, roommate, type of room etc.
10. First year applicants must notify us via email no later than 3 days after first round CAO offers are made if they wish to cancel their booking.  €200.00 of the booking fee will be returned.  Cancellation after this date will result in total loss of the booking fee. The refunds will not process until November, prior to this we will need the refund form including all the bank details filled out and emailed back to our office.
11. For all other years, cancellation once booking fee has been paid will result in the total loss of the booking fee.
The normal rate for the full academic year is €4500 for an ensuite room and €4100 for a single room but a discount of €400 has been applied in 2018/2019.
12. The following methods of payment are accepted:
·          Bank Transfer – please ensure to use Students Name and apt/room no.  as the reference
·          Laser/Credit Cards can be taken over the phone
·          Cheques
·          bank draft to be made payable to Thomond Village Management Company Limited
By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to pay your accommodation fees in full. If your payment has not been received by the due date, your licence agreement will be terminated.
Under no circumstances will keys be released without payment of first payment due.  Non Payment of rent constitutes a serious breach of contract and will result in expulsion.
13.  A key-fob will be issued on check-in on or after the 30th August which will permit access to the allocated room.  In the event of loss of key-fob during the year a replacement fob can be received from reception for a fee of €30 for a fob. Fobs are validated for the first term and must be revalidated again on receipt of second term fees. Fobs not returned at the end of occupancy period as noted on booking form, will be deducted from deposit at a fee of €30.
14. Moving-in must be carried out between 9.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.
The TVMCL office is closed on weekends without exception.
15. The utilities charge and water charges are non-refundable. Utilities Charge – includes reasonable Wi-Fi usage, refuse collection & buses.
All apartments are fitted with pre-pay meters which the tenant top up as to their requirements. Credits for meters are available to purchase onsite. interference with the ESB meters will result in expulsion.
16. Apartment and room inspections will be carried out on a monthly basis during the year and all students are responsible for maintaining the apartment and room to an acceptable standard. Students are liable for the cost of engaging contract cleaners where apartments are being neglected.
17. While there is insurance cover for the apartment and its contents this does not extend to student personal belongings therefore it is strongly advised that you take out Insurance cover for your personal belongings held on site.
18. Clamping for inappropriate car parking is in operation on all of our sites, release fee is €100. Cars abandoned and unclaimed will be removed after 4 weeks
19. The terms and conditions comply with our Student Handbooks & House Rules Conditions. These may be altered amended and/or added to by the management at any time. Notice of changes will be emailed to all students.
Changes to Terms and Conditions
20. Information on this application form may be subject to change. It does not constitute a contract or part thereof.  If you have any queries about these terms and conditions, please contact us on 061 324 622.

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